How to do Business Through Youtube

How to do Business Through YoutubeYouTube, the Google-owned video network, boasts over a billion users — almost one-third of all people on the Internet — and every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views. On mobile alone, YouTube reaches more 18-34 and 18-49 year-olds than any cable network in the U.S. YouTube is the most popular video hosting service, followed by similar services such as Vimeo, Facebook video and Flickr. Like other social media channels, YouTube enables people around the world to interact, share and create content through online communities.

To create a YouTube account for your business, you’ll need to first create a personal Google+ profile as well as a Google+ page for your business. The Google username you select will also become your YouTube channel name, and a free Gmail address will be issued to the account. Use your business name as your username or choose something that’s clever and that your intended audience will identify with.

Under your settings, you’ll see the option to “Create a channel,”. From this initial screen, you’ll see your profile photo, as well as your username and/or first and last name displayed. Click on the “Edit” link that’s associated with the “From Your Google Profile” option in order to customize your Google profile. Which will be your identity containing public information about you that people will see online.

The most common use for YouTube is to attract new customers through product demonstrations. They can see with their own eyes how the product works, become interested in obtaining it, and then you direct them to your website through a URL link.

Click on the “OK, I’m Ready to Continue” button. Your YouTube Channel has now been created. The next step is to start populating your channel by uploading videos to it.

YouTube has some restrictions. YouTube will not let you make money off your video if it contains content that you didn’t create or get permission from its creator to use, shows people from whom you did not get permission, has content that would be inappropriate for children. Make sure you follow these guidelines and you are good to go on YouTube.

Here are some type of videos that you can experiment with:

  • Lists: Lists of anything, such as “10 best cricket of all times” , “10 best weekend getaways near London” and so on. These videos could be voiced over or text-over images.
  • Tutorials: How to do’s of various things, like “Learn python in 10 days”, “learn the art of analytics”
  • Reviews: Reviews of things that we use in daily life, such as review of Ola, Review of latest mobile release and so on.
  • Time lapse videos: They are loved by everyone.

So essentially, if you got video making skills, shot anything that could grab views and upload it to YouTube and that’s it. Not to mention, it may take some time — up to few months — to get your first dollar. However, once you have good fan following, you can potentially make few thousand dollars a month.